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Carolyn Mulcahy, Preschool Director  has been working with preschool children for more than two decades. Her most recent experiences have been at outdoor, and nature-based preschools. Before moving to San Francisco, she worked at an outdoor parent co-op in Los Gatos at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains. She also spent two summers at The Santa Cruz Forest school (a fully outdoor program at Henry Cowell Park).

She graduated from San Francisco State University with an MA in Early Childhood Education. Her field study was on transforming perspectives in outdoor education. She received her BA in psychology from San Jose State with a capstone in positive psychology and mindfulness. 

Carolyn sees young children through a developmental lens and places a high value on their social emotional learning. She's eager to share her passion for the environment with parents and children in urban areas. Her hobbies include hiking and gardening. She also loves to share her enthusiasm for yoga, and cooking with the children.  

Carolyn has been affectionately nicknamed "the worm teacher" because she loves to introduce children to red wigglers in the compost bin. She spent most of her childhood emersed in nature camping, fishing, examining bugs and building sand castles with her brother at the beach. 

She is the proud mom of two dwarf lion head bunnies named Ziva and Raya, who will be visitors of the preschool. Ziva is Hebrew for Brilliance and Raya means friend.


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