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Climate Action Team

Tree and Garden Planting

The Infrastructure Committee and Climate Action Team recently planted four Trident Maple trees along our sidewalk on Webster St. Next, they plan to install garden plots between them. The following event will be a dedication of the gardens and trees.


Upcoming Events:

Tu B’Shvat Shabbat
Friday, January 26, in person
6 pm: Kabbalat Shabbat:
Join us for a Tu B'shvat themed service led by Rabbi Jessica Zimmerman Graf, Rabbi George Altshuler, cantorial soloist Noa Levy and Cantor Emeritus Marty Feldman. Streams on YouTube.
7:15 pm: Oneg honoring the traditional Tu B'Shvat Seder, sponsored by Hills of Eternity.

Tu B’Shvat Intergenerational Tree Dedication
Sunday, Jan 28, 11:45 am, Webster Street sidewalk

This year we honor Tu B'shvat by celebrating and blessing our Trident Maple trees and gardens planted on the Webster Street sidewalk of the synagogue by the Tree Planting Group, a collaboration of the Infrastructure Committee and the Climate Action Team with Studio, Sherith Israel clergy and community. All are welcome. RSVP here. 

CSI Climate Action Team is up and running

Sherith Israel is a congregation with deep concern about Climate Change, the ways it threatens people, all sentient beings, our ecosystems and our planet. We recognize that climate change damage is global and existential, and also, that it is suffered inequitably, most severely by individuals, communities, and ecosystems lacking resources.  As Jews, we understand well from our deep history as a people and from remarkably cogent, timely advice found in liturgy and interpretation, along with local and global climate advocacy, that we are obligated to address climate change problems. We know the climate problems are vast and the need for immediate Climate Positive Action is critical right now and right here at Sherith Israel. 

In 2022, the Sherith Israel Social Action Committee through its newly formed Climate Action Team, sprang into action. The Congregation Sherith Israel Dayenu Circle was formed. A ”Dayenu Circle” is a small group, usually of about 5-15 people, that meets at least once monthly to engage in climate campaigns and efforts organized by the national Dayenu organization,* and to grapple with the deep spiritual and existential questions raised by the climate crisis. 
In addition to the CSI Dayenu Circle work, the Sherith Israel Climate Action Team plans to 

  1. organize ongoing programs to educate themselves and others in the CSI community about climate change and climate justice;
  2. spotlight the intersection of environmental justice physical, economic and health impacts on disadvantaged populations;
  3. as a community, examine our practices as individuals and families and at our synagogue for ways we can contribute more for a green, sustainable future;
  4.  take action to influence governmental and business practices and policies related to the climate crisis. 

The entire Sherith Israel community, congregants, clergy and staff alike, are invited to participate, to help define the education programs and social and political actions to be undertaken. We aim for intergenerational projects, school aged and retirement aged pairing. We aim for whole families to work together with other families. We aim for singles to join with other singles and the whole community. Our Climate Action Team is forging alliances with other Jewish organizations, other faith organizations and non-religious groups. 

Our focus is on:

  • Halting ongoing damage to the environment, humans, other animals and plants being caused by the forces of climate change;
  • Repairing existing damage that has resulted from climate change; and
  • Preventing future harm from climate change.

 Our goals are bold and audacious. As the circumstances demand. 

Dayenu: We have had enough!
But we also have enough. We have what we need to transform our world.

If you are interested in becoming active with the Climate Action Team or simply want to hear more, please join in the monthly meetings every second Tuesday of the month. You can get the time and link by contacting: Carol Kingsley 415 759-1338 or Nancy Sheftel-Gomes.

Co-Chairs of Climate Action Team: Carol Kingsley and Nancy Sheftel-Gomes

The Dayenu Commitment:  We draw from our Jewish tradition, experience and faith to have the power to create real and lasting change. Dayenu is an national-based organization building a dynamic, multi-generational movement of American Jews courageously confronting the climate crisis. Through a growing network of Dayenu Circles across the country, they’re gathering, training, and taking action to advance bold solutions to the climate crisis. Dayenu partners work closely with other organizations and efforts — within and beyond the Jewish community — to help bring the full strength and voice of the American Jewish community to national and global movements. We also work arm in arm with communities that are directly impacted by, and most vulnerable to, the climate crisis”  from

Fri, March 1 2024 21 Adar I 5784